Looking to take the next steps in your relationship, or having difficulty arguing about the same few things over and over? Are you feeling unheard, or disconnected? It may be time to seek support for you and your loved one. Are you working hard to keep the outside looking good, but inside feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed? Are you having trouble creating change in your life? Let Helen help you take those next steps in your life to achieve the goals and results you want to see.

Helen started working in the field of substance abuse addiction in 2010 as a drug and alcohol counselor, and has held multiple positions in treatment centers. Helen achieved a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, which expanded her understanding of the importance of mental health and trauma-focused care in creating a strong relapse prevention plan.
Helen has worked with both the individual struggling with addiction and their families, helping to educate on the experience of the addict, and to support the family in creating boundaries, while working towards reconnecting as a family.