Jack Gallagher

Jack offers individual and family sessions for adult and adolescent clients with substance use, mood, thought, behavior, and personality disorders. He believes that healing is a collaborative process that requires empathy and caring without judgment. He assists clients in identifying their treatment goals. Rather than adopting one methodology for all individuals and issues, Jack integrates various modalities to create an individualized approach for each client and situation.

Jack’s journey of helping others began when he enrolled at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. As an intern and a counselor, he worked in residential treatment centers specializing in treating substance use disorders. After moving to California in 2013, he continued his education. He earned a degree as a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and a Master of Social Work at California State University in Long Beach. Jack is currently a credentialed Associate Clinical Social Worker (ACSW), Certified Domestic Violence Counselor Advocate, and Substance Use Disorder Counselor (UMass; Boston, MA).

Jack’s internship experience included working for the LGBTQ Center in Long Beach and Telecare in La Casa at a psychiatric hold facility for severe mental illness. In addition to his work at Pacific Beach Health, Jack is practicing as a primary therapist at Boardwalk Recovery Center. He provides individual, group, and family therapy services to men with substance use disorders. As a therapist, he is warm, open, encouraging, and direct. He considers himself an active therapist, combining life experience, education, creativity, and humor with a grounded and realistic approach to counseling. Jack has been an engaged and compassionate ally for the LGBTQ+ community throughout his life. Jack is committed to helping individuals overcome substance addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and overwhelming life stressors.