James Phillip

At Pacific Beach Health, James’ passion is to assist those who wish to change their life and comes from a place near and dear to his heart. James’s goal is to prevent disadvantaged people from suffering further. James has made it his personal mission to support underrepresented groups (i.e., racial and/or ethnic minorities, disabled, financially disadvantaged people). James is currently also working at Boardwalk Recovery Center here in San Diego and will be attending SDSU in the Fall majoring in Psychology. James was formerly the President of The Urban Scholars Union and was employed as the Outreach coordinator to the formerly incarcerated at San Diego Community College. The Urban Scholars Union is an organization which supports those previously incarcerated attempting to navigate their way through the Community College system. Incarceration just as substance use/abuse is a symptom of deeper issues, and society has awakened to this fact. James has a history of incarceration and is well acquainted with suffering. Since being released, James has taken advantage of all the resources at his disposal. This is due to diligence and self-motivation, recognizing his mistakes and learning from them. His life experience and personal obstacles have made way for strong relatability and connection with his clients.