Nadia Zamani is an licensed Marriage and Family therapist practicing in San Diego. She practices from a decolonial feminist and post structural lens. The theory she practices from is narrative therapy, which essentially involves looking at the narrative that has been created from dominant beliefs of society, family, friends, etc. She helps clients explore these narratives and recognize if they are serving our lives or not. She pays attention to relationships and how they are shaping our realities. Her work consists of supporting individuals with their problem-saturated stories as they begin to challenge dominant beliefs. Her interests in counseling and yoga are blended together with an interest in how the mind and body are intertwined. Her internship was at San Diego Center for Children where she worked with individuals, families, and couples. She has also done therapy and case management with the homeless population in downtown San Diego. She currently works with individuals struggling with substance abuse and furthers her research in bilingualism, culture, and social justice situated in Narrative practices.